«Alice and the Mayor», a political film halfway between drama and comedy
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The famous Parisian actor plays the role of the mayor of Lyon, a man who, a few months after the elections, no longer has ideas and feels himself the victim of a real existential crisis. After years of fervent political activity, the mayor will have to rely on a young and brilliant philosopher, who could help him find new ideas and working methods.

Presented at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs of the Cannes Film Festival last year, “Alice and the Mayor” stages the encounter between two completely opposite people, but who through dialogue will begin to understand each other, compare and get closer and closer.

After “Le grand jeu”, Nicolas Pariser signs another film on the world of politics: if in the previous film there were also some thriller dynamics, in this case the feature film effectively combines drama and comedy, alternating serious moments with others decidedly more light and sweet.

Incisive dialogues

The value of Nicolas Pariser’s film stream lies above all in the script, thanks in particular to incisive dialogues and hints of great interest in the conversations between the mayor and Alice, well interpreted by the aforementioned Luchini and Anaïs Demoustier, an actress who in recent months has also starred in Robert Guédiguian’s “Gloria mundi”, presented in competition at the Venice Film Festival 2019.

The limits lie instead in a rather scholastic staging and in a narrative trend that, beyond the dialogues, presents several passages without great rhythm, but still remains a product to be seen and the clearly better film among the novelties of this week.

The thief of days

Disappointing is instead ” The thief of days “, the third feature by Guido Lombardi, director who with his debut ” Là-Bas - Criminal education ” had given birth to one of the most surprising first works of contemporary Italian cinema.

At the center of the plot is Salvo, a boy who lives in Trentino with his uncles and has not seen his father Vincenzo for seven years, since the day he was arrested. Vincenzo, however, suddenly reappears and is determined to take a trip through Italy with his son.

Kind of drama on the road, which tells of a father and son ready to get closer, but still distant because of the lies of the man who, at least initially, chooses to travel with the boy for very little educational purposes.

If the basis of the story already lacks originality, with the passing of the minutes things get even worse because of an unlikely trend and characters written in a rather coarse way.

Poor involvement and very few emotions in this film that sees Riccardo Scamarcio in the role of Vincenzo: even the actor is not at his best and offers a test below his abilities.