‘El olvido que seremos’, by Fernando Trueba, stays with the Cannes 2020 label
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The oblivion that we will be, directed by Fernando Trueba, has been one of those chosen within the Official Selection of the 2020 Cannes Film Festival. The Spanish-Colombian film would have been at a festival that, unfortunately, could not be celebrated. The film will have to settle for having the Cannes seal, a brand that will be included in its screenings and international distribution. A symbolic and prestigious accolade for the new Trueba film that, it must be remembered, does not prevent him from being selected in San Sebastian. The pandemic has prevented a return to the true of Trueba. It would have been the best possible showcase four years later from the bad experience he had with his last job, The Queen of Spain, which ended up being a resounding failure at the box office. Thierry Fremaux, director of Cannes, announced the name of Forgetfulness that we will be among the 56 films that will receive this traditional “brand” of the Festival, citing the Oscar that Trueba received for Belle Époque and remembering part of his famous speech when collecting it: «I would like to believe in God to thank him, but I only believe in Billy Wilder ».

The oblivion that we will be, the adaptation of the novel by Abad Faciolince

This is what we know, for the moment, about the pelis online: The forgetfulness that we will be is the adaptation of the famous Colombian testimonial novel by Hector Abad Faciolince and, according to information from El Correo, David Trueba, the director’s brother and also himself filmmaker, he would have been in charge of writing the film. The film stars Javier Camara, Aida Morales and the writer’s daughter, Daniela Abad. The film was shot in almost total secrecy in Colombia for three months, with some sequences in Madrid and Turin. Boquerini tells in El Correo that Trueba was fascinated by the story told in the original novel. The book recounts the fictionalized biography of the doctor and activist Hector Abad Gomez, father of the author of El silencio que seremos, and who will be played by Camara in the film. In 1987, Abad father was assassinated by paramilitaries in Medellin. The production is carried out by the Colombian companies Caracol Television  and  Dago Garcia Producciones, and will be distributed by Film Factory.

The other Spaniards with Cannes: Josep and Alegria

  Fernando Trueba was not the only Spaniard who had his moment with the Cannes label. Those responsible for the Catalan production company B-Water Studios, which has participated in Josep, an animated film by Aurelien Froment, which tells the story of Josep Bartoli, a Barcelona artist exiled by the Civil War, have also succeeded. In the project they have the voices of Sergi Lopez playing Josep, Gerard Hernandez and Silvia Perez Cruz, who voices Frida Kahlo. It is also worth noting the recently included presence of the short film Forastera, by Lucia Alenar Iglesias, which was selected at the Critics’ Week in Cannes. This Catalan-Balearic short, produced by Dimension Films and La Periferica Produccions, will bear the stamp / label of this traditional parallel section of the Festival, which will be streamed from October 19 to 25, 2020 on the Festival Scope Pro platform and in in person at the same event from October 22 to 25. Outside of the selections, we must highlight the presence of the film Alegria, Violeta Salama’s first film, which has been chosen within the forum ‘ Breaking the Lens’, a meeting place with producers to seek financing for certain projects. Salama is among the ten selected for a meeting that could be held in person at the Toronto Festival. The film tells the story of three women in Melilla, and hopes to shoot in early 2021.